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writing prompt: Before I was born

I was borne on winds of change April showers comedy on a couple of beautiful churchgoing souls Bold, my father was grey his eyes, red brown his hair skin in chocolate-drenched sunlight He opened eyes wide at the wide delicate smile of my delicate mother before she was...

Making arrangements to be a badass old

I talked a bit about the fact that, while I am certainly inspired by the fantastic Black moms who are getting fit and taking care of themselves, lots of whom are rather religion-based, I realise that there must be a place on the internet where a blissfully child-free agnostic- leaning atheist – can work some Black woman magic and perhaps inspire a few other like-bodied, like-minded folks.

refined sugar, banished

On Thursday January 7, I just said no to refined sugar. No cookies, candies, etc. Soft drinks aren't a problem for me. Sugar addiction and emotional eating are. I was feeling sick and awful. Bloated, in pain. Rampant asthma. Out of control. Stupid and sad. Not the...

the war of stars

So I’m happy to report that ‘The Force Awakens’ reignited my love of the series.